Most common door lock problems that need your immediate attention

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House door problems creep in from time to time which most house owners have to deal with at some point of time. The way we deal with these problems decide the safety and security of our house in future. Most of us try to avoid addressing these issues until it is too late thereby impacting our house security.

These are the most common door lock problems that should be catered to on an immediate basis by calling a locksmith.

  1. Loose locks, knobs and handles

There are several components or parts which hold the door lock together, and proper functioning of each part ensures that the door lock works smoothly. With frequent and regular use of door locks, specially for main entry doors, the locks or its parts become loose and if not detected early, you might be in a house lockout situation, or even worse, a house break-in. If the knob or handle is loose due to an unfastening screw, it can easily be fixed with a screwdriver, however if the problem lies within the internal mechanics of the lock, its better you call a professional locksmith.

  1. Misalignment of door locks

If your door lock is misaligned, the latch or the locking bolt will not line up properly with the lock’s strike plate. These are very easy to spot since you will not be able to  lock the door easily. Misaligned locks and latches are usually a result of improper lock installation or weather conditions like dampness or heat. This issue if not treated at time, can worsen, resulting in broken locks or doors. Calling a residential locksmith would be ideal in such cases.

  1. Broken key inside lock

Now this one is a real bummer and those who have experienced this will know. A key broken inside a lock means you being in house lockout with a broken key and a door lock which is probably damaged. plus the headache of extracting the broken key from the lock. A lot of people are tempted to extract the key themselves, which if not done properly can aggravate the situation further. Hence the best solution would be to call a trusted locksmith.

  1. Jammed locks and latches

Jammed locks can be caused by the built up of debris inside the lock or by a broken lock bolt or a much serious concern like an attempted break-in. Again, this is an issue which should not be stacked for another day just because you are too occupied to deal with it now. These problems can spin off to cause much serious situations which you wish to avoid. If the lock is jammed due to a blocked keyway, you can try solving it by applying a generous amount of lubricant into the keyway, however the lubricant cannot be just anything like your cooking oil. You can use dry lubricant like graphite or wet lubricant like WD-40. If, however, your lock is jammed because of a broken bolt, it’s better not to tackle the situation yourself and calling a locksmith instead.

  1. Turning lock cylinder

Turning a key should lock or unlock the door, pretty simple right? However, if the whole lock cylinder turns instead of locking or unlocking the door, there is a major problem at hand to address. This usually happens due to a damaged or loose set screw. Sometimes you might be in luck and the door might still lock or unlock, however, one day you might find yourself stranded outside your door. Hence, it is best not to ignore the issue and to call a professional residential locksmith right away.

Where to find a good locksmith?

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