Frustrated over the car key not working? Reasons and what next

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Summers are already here and getting yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your car or your car key is not working, is quite scary and frustrating. You car key or fob might not work due to various reasons and it is very important to access the situation first before calling a locksmith service for car lockout in order to save your time and energy in the scorching heat.

Here might be one of the reasons:

  1. Dying key fob battery

If you are using a keyless car, the first thing you should check in case your door isn’t opening is the battery. A lot of people forget about the fob battery and call the locksmith service, this wasting time and money.

  1. A damaged key

A car key is something we take it everywhere with us, and of course you should, with the fear of car lockout. However taking it everywhere means a lot of wear and tear happens over time as it is thrown into pockets, purses and desks and if you are one of those clumsy people, you might have dropped the key multiple times here and there resulting in the key being chipped, bent or even broken.

  1. Internal damage to key fob

If you are using a keyless entry vehicle and your fob battery is perfectly fine because you just replaced them a couple of days back, the problem may be with the connectors inside the fob. They might get damaged over time thus resulting in a non-working key. A damaged fob will not give you door access or start the vehicle.

  1. Non-programmed key

If it is a new key fob, chances are that the fob has not been programmed yet. A non-programmed fob, like a damaged fob, will not unlock or start a car.

  1. Your locksmith did a bad job

There are a lot of locksmith services in Baltimore but very few offer top quality services. If you are not able to unlock the car with the new key you just got duplicated, blame it on your locksmith. Poor quality car key duplication often leads to issues with unlocking the car. Hence a proper research needs to be done before a locksmith service company is chosen to do the job.

Now that you know the reasons, you understand when to call a locksmith. A locksmith is very helpful in cases of car lockout, and you should always have his number saved, however the right locksmith needs to be determined first.

Q lock service to your rescue

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