Car keys not turning in ignition? Here’s what you can do!

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You have gone for a long drive to a beach with your family, enjoyed there to your heart’s content. You come back to your car picturing your bed in your head, get into the driver’s seat and put the car keys into ignition slot. Now there’s a problem. You cannot get the key to turn. This might be a very uneasy situation. The best thing to do here is to call a professional automotive locksmith, however you can try your luck first with these first.

  1. Try with the steering wheel

Try turning your wheel left and right to determine which side is blocked. Turn the wheel to the side it is turning into and hold it there. While holding the wheel in that position, try turning the key in the accessory position. As you turn the key, try to rock the steering wheel along. If this does not work, try to rock the wheel as you move the key inside the ignition.

  1. Lubricating the keyway

It is possible that your keyway is blocked with foreign materials like sand or rust. Try to lubricate the keyway of the lock ignition. The ideal lubricant would be a graphite or a silicon based one. Spray the lubricant in the keyway generously, wipe off the extra lubricant and try jiggling your keys into the ignition again. Try this a couple of times.

  1. Good old tapping might help

Just like dust, some bigger materials like springs can get caught on the lock’s keyway. Try tapping a few times to get it out. You can use something that can vibrate on the key as you turn it. You can use a tool like a hammer which causes the vibration. If this does not work, try tapping directly on the ignition cylinder.

  1. The problem might lie with the key

If you have a spare key, try to use the same to rule out if the key is faulty. If the spare key works, check if the original one is worn out or bent. Contact a locksmith the repair the key for you, or even better get one of those fobs which does not need a key to start the car, if your model supports so.

  1. Replacing the ignition cylinder

If the key is not an issue, the problem might be in the ignition cylinder itself. If this is the case, don’t worry, you don’t have to replace the whole ignition cylinder, just rekeying will make do. All you need to do is call an expert locksmith in your area and get it done!

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