Keeping those spare keys under the welcome mat? We have got better places to hide. Read on!

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Being in a house lockout situation is something everyone wants to avoid and hence we find out unique ways to prevent such a situation at the first place. The most common way is to keep a set of spare keys hidden near the house for such a situation. This is very convenient, we agree. You come out of the house to check the mailbox and the door closes behind you, well what’s to worry when you have a set of spare keys just below the doormat right? But think about it, if it is that convenient, won’t it be the same with burglars? This is such a common place that the first thing a burglar does before he breaks-in is to check for spare set of keys below the doormat.

Not only the doormat, there are other very common places which a criminal or a burglar will check. Continue reading to find out the most secure places for hiding a spare key and the most obvious places where you should not hide.

Best places to keep the spare

  1. A trusted friend or neighbor

A friend in need is a friend indeed is the right phrase in such situations. If you trust your neighbor or friend enough to hand him the spare keys, it would be the most secure place of all. It is safe with someone else and you don’t have to worry about some burglar finding his way with the key. Make sure that the key does not have any information printed on it which can link it to your house. However, this place does not score high on convenience factor since you would have to go to their place or they would have to come to you in case there is such an emergency.

  1. Under your dog kennel

If you have a house dog, you have already scored a point in terms of security since burglars and other criminals hates the sight of dogs at their crime place. Make your security double by hiding that spare key under the dog house. Due to the protective instinct of dogs, any burglar who dares to go near the dog will get caught. Hence any sane burglar will not go near the dog house making it ideal as well as convenient to hide the spare key.

  1. Under your car

Most burglars choose do do their crime during the day, when the homeowners are out for work. Although you cannot prevent any break-in at that time, but you can make it less convenient for them by not letting them get access of the spare key. Hide your spare key inside a magnetized box and place the box under your car, so when you are away from the house, so is your key.

  1. Fake Sprinkler

If you already have sprinklers in your yard, add one more fake one which looks exactly like the real one so it looks like a part of your sprinkler system. This is much better than a fake rock.

Worse places to hide

  1. Under your doormat : As said before, this is the first place anyone looks, the place has been advertised in so many movies by now. So do not make a mistake of hiding your keys there.
  2. Fake rock : These fake rocks definitely look fake and one can easily make out. Do not make it fun for them by adding a spot the difference game.
  3. Under the flower pot by the door : This might again be very convenient to you, but so can it be for the burglars.

What to do if you don’t have the spare

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