Have a small business? Consider these keyless entry locks for office security

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You have put in your blood and sweat into your business idea which is close to your heart and now you have your own office running with employees working for you. Kudos! What is the next step to ensure your business is successful? Security. Safety and security is very important when it comes to your business, and in today’s age, the traditional lock and key set won’t cut the mustard. Let’s find out the best security locks suitable for your business.

  1. Electronic keyless lock

A traditional electronic keyless lock is a keypad/combination lock model which requires a PIN to unlock the door. You can assign different codes to different users and change the PIN at any point of time. It is easy to install and maintain and you can easily manage access to your office.

Some of these models also have protective mechanisms like auto-shutdown of keypads after entering a wrong PIN three times. Some models have physical keys whereas some newer models have touchscreen keypad. These locks are usually a combination of PIN mechanism along with traditional deadbolts or handles. They are perfect for small office or single building access.

  1. Digital Door Lock

A digital door lock like Samsung digital door lock is definitely an upgrade to your business security along with improving the office aesthetics. They have a digital touchpad with a push to enter-pull to exit functionality and auto-locking with a mortise sensor. These types of locks are easy to use but hard to break-in. It can be programmed to take unto 30 different users and create their RFID tags. They are rigorously tested to be kickproof, PSB fire tested and have extra security features like an intrusion alarm, fire detection sensor and anti-tampering lockout feature. These type of locks are perfect for retail businesses, hotels, restaurants and other high-security businesses.

  1. Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touchscreen keyless smart lock

This is the powerhouse of door security. It is a 5-in-1 Bluetooth enabled lock which allows entry through fingerprint recognition, numeric code, smartphone control, knock or shake to open and a mechanical key. It can be used for both IOS and android users. You can assign different t users with different level of access, monitor log records and clone capabilities. It can identify up to 95 fingerprints in less than 0.5 seconds and can hold unto 95 unique numeric passwords. This one is definitely a keeper which will ensure those burglars stay far away and make a solid impression on your clients and investors.

Locksmith services for keyless lock installation

Once you decide on the type of lock, you will need a professional locksmith whom you can trust to install the lock correctly. Q lock locksmith services are industry experts in commercial locksmith services with 12 years of industry experience. We provide commercial locksmith services in Baltimore along with Maryland and Washington DC. Along with keyless entry lock installations in Baltimore and two other locations, other commercial services include rekeying and changing locks, door installations, file cabinet lock and key, door closer installations etc. Call us at 888-571-4443 to speak with an expert and have all your queries answered. Book a service now and be assured of a top class service.