18 Apr

Car keys not turning in ignition? Here’s what you can do!

You have gone for a long drive to a beach with your family, enjoyed there to your heart’s content. You come back to your car picturing your bed in your head, get into the driver’s seat and put the car keys into ignition slot. Now there’s a problem. You cannot get the key to turn. …

15 Apr

Frustrated over the car key not working? Reasons and what next

Summers are already here and getting yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your car or your car key is not working, is quite scary and frustrating. You car key or fob might not work due to various reasons and it is very important to access the situation first before calling a …

10 Apr

Have a small business? Consider these keyless entry locks for office security

You have put in your blood and sweat into your business idea which is close to your heart and now you have your own office running with employees working for you. Kudos! What is the next step to ensure your business is successful? Security. Safety and security is very important when it comes to your …

5 Apr

6 situations which would call for emergency locksmith services

You are a very cautious and meticulous when it comes to house keys or car keys, however, as human, we are bound to make mistakes, and when that happens, it is very important to keep an emergency locksmith services contact handy. In situations like house lockout or car lockout,  trying to jimmy open the lock …

1 Apr

Most common door lock problems that need your immediate attention

House door problems creep in from time to time which most house owners have to deal with at some point of time. The way we deal with these problems decide the safety and security of our house in future. Most of us try to avoid addressing these issues until it is too late thereby impacting …

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